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APK Ambassador
« on: February 07, 2011, 09:57:36 AM »
An APK Ambassador is a distinguished member of the community chosen by the administration to provide help and support on the forum.  Their work and contributions are largely social, and often engage in a large number conversations, usually to assist new members in finding their way around the forum.  While any forum member can apply to be an ambassador, the process is selective and only the brightest and best are chosen to represent APK.


Ambassadors' work can be described as purely social in nature.  A great deal of the work done is direct engagement with new members and the creation personalized welcome posts.  Only a small percentage of work done is accounted for in the creation of new content.

Ambassadors do not possess any administration or moderation powers, but are typically well in touch with the staff who do.  So while being unable to exercise authority, problems that arise to their attention will usually be dealt with quickly.


Applications are accepted indefinitely, though new ambassadors will only be chosen in three month rotations.  The process is selective, and involves collaboration from the moderation and administration staff.