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Anyone in Roanoke?


Hello everyone,

     Me and a friend of mine have recently started praticing parkour and are not in the best of shape but would still like to meet some people who knowwhat they are doing better than us and are able to explain it. Maybe it would be possible to meet up somewhere in roanoke, and the apartment complex i live in has a weight room we can use for free, so there is that. Who would be willing to exchange some free food and a weight lifting session for some tips for starting and basics?

If you still read this forum, and your comment then respond.
I got a group of friends (we range from 2 people to sometimes 10) that we all do some parkour, ya'll could tag a long, and i can come work out with you guys and teach you a few things and techniques, im no professional but i got the jist of it and always welcome more people. I love having large amounts of people working together.


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