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hey guys, hows it goin? look, the clan and i have been looking for some people to run around with so im looking for some people that might just want to meet up somewhere and we can test our skills or just have some fun. what you gotta say about that?

you pmed me, but your name makes it impossible to pm back, because of the quotes.

to answer your question:
i went to st bernards to gut in july, and ill be going again at the end of this month.

when and where?

its a place called camp hope. ill be going december 27th - january 6th, probably hitting up the french quarter on the weekends.

i dont know my way around down there too well, but i know a nice cabbie and a couple people down there with cars.

wait...french quarter...dont tell me its around new orleans...because that would be about 4 hours from me...


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