Author Topic: Making a MN workout  (Read 2628 times)

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Making a MN workout
« on: October 29, 2010, 02:13:21 PM »

Some points:
Hebert tailored workouts to the people training: age, health, what they were training for, time, place...
His meetings start from warm up, build intensity, build intensity, and then cool down.
There are almost no rests - instead, use low intensity exercise to catch your breath

Here's the basic framework:
Group 1: Walking, posture exercises & flexibility exercises
Group 2: Basic arm and leg exercises, lifting, throwing, defense [boxing & wrestling]
Group 3: Suspension [hanging] exercises, support [plank] exercises, QM, climbing, balancing
Group 4: Hopping, speed runs, short endurance runs
Group 5: Core exercises
Group 6: Jumping, vaulting, races, swimming, games
Group 7: Breathing exercises, walks

I tend to use walking, flex exercises, and static or moving balance as my recovery exercises, not group 5 core exercises.

SAMPLE 1: Easy fun at the beach with a friend.

Walk down the beach, doing finger, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder mobility exercises. Play catch - alternating hands - try for accuracy, especially with your "off" hand. Punch slippahs your friend is holding. QM where you try to bump the other guy off balance. Jump in the water to cool off, wash off, catch your breath. Set up 4 slippahs in a large square - play tag where the guy has to do 3 jumping jacks if he's tagged, 5 push-ups if he goes out of bounds [or is pushed out of bounds] - and then he's "it". Swim down the beach a couple hundred meters. Walk back to your stuff. Deep breathing while doing big arm movements.

SAMPLE 2: Trying to fit in at the gym based on "Starting Strength" workout A
Arm, leg and trunk joint mobility [not flexibility] exercises. Barbell: 3-5 warm-up sets then 3x5 squat, 3x5 bench, 1x5 deadlift. Walk or deep breathing with big arm movements between sets. 2x5 [weighted dips]. 5 minute easy jog on treadmill. Trunk rotation and flexion exercises. Get on bike or elliptical machine - after a minute of warmup, try to get rpms up to some insane level and hold it there for 20 seconds then bring the pace down to really slow for 40 seconds to recover. Repeat, trying to increase your rpms. When you start to slow down/ can't hit insane levels do a minute or 2 slow to cool down. Walk around, do deep breathing exercises with big arm movements to cool down the rest of the way.

Note: I rarely go to the gym. If I DO go, the gym at work has no free weights, so I warm up, do the upper body machines, then hit the elliptical or bike because there's no fixed upper speed limit. Powered treadmills max out at 11 or 12 MPH, which isn't very fast. This workout will probably piss off MN purists, SS purists, Tabata purists, people who do speed training... maybe that's why I rarely go to the gym. ;D

Hope this helps a little.