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Re: Andrew's Training Journal (Hawaii)
« Reply #220 on: December 28, 2014, 12:33:20 PM »
Its been a long time since I have made an entry in this online journal. Have been keeping sporadic training journal entries in my notebook but there are becoming regular so I decided to update here.

Kauai training is much different than Oahu. Some spots we like to jam. Innumerable natural jam spots. No parks that feel "comfortable", ie you will be the only person training and no one will have any any ides what you are doing. One good park by work where I can train and am confident no one would ever bother me. Its normal to see pk movement on oahu beaches but you feel more like a freak qm'ing around on kauai sand. I Have a great setup in the yard with vault boxes, 2 pairs of wood precision trainers, set of bar trainers, picnic table, front steps, low wall akong house, concrete block  wall in back. I am most likely to train alone. Public jams mostly limited to when visitors are on island. Small group sessions whenever, but not a lot of expectation that anyone else will show up. Can't just go to a class or a jam or text people and poof there is a training session in an hour, just hop the bus and get excited for an adventure. It's quiet here.

I've gotten away from strictly "parkour" training. Its been a real struggle to get a practice off the ground. Habit forming has been interesting experiment. Critical for long term behavior change. No guilt. I'm Learning about what motivation actually is. Its definitely a challenge to adapt to this sort of self guided approach. Change of perspective. No schedule, which is how it should be anyway. Reaction is key  Drastic change in approach to planning. difficult when you are used to routine. It calls for a softer and more humble approach. Take any and all opportunities. You Can't wait for more ideal conditions. Conditions are limited here...but that's not really the point. Fewer urban obstacles means the real obstacles are more obvious

Current track:
- goal is to develop a solid daily movement practice for LONG term with more\shorter sessions of all kinds
- research and reflect (journal) often. Am monitoring and adjusting daily
- meditation with wendi after daily parkour session (short and comprehensive) for 2 weeks min
- daily muscle development
- weekly aerial class
- resting 1 min squat several times daily with habitual trigger. Will add\change as needed
- stay open to any and all movement opportunities. No obstacles. No limit
- feeling inspired and want to add a day running

I may post here again in coming months. Will continue notebook journal
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