Author Topic: Oct 2 and 3, 2010 State/area wide jam in Frederick MD. My last jam in the east!  (Read 1518 times)

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So Thing Here is:

Come  early October Im moving out to the rocky mountains, Park City Utah to be exact. So i wanna see everyone and train my favorite hometown spots one last time for the year. I'll be back in june.

So saturday October 2nd we'll probably start around 11- 12, so parkour time thats like 1 or 1:30(not really though, be there before noon)
Jam out downtown til early evening.(keeping the time conservative so we have energy for the next day)

I think it might be cool to go camping afterwards.

And then the next day have a woods jam at Raven Rock or in Michaux State forest(see "Be Wild" for the area: )

Sound cool? I think so!

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Man! I wish I could be there! I'm moving out the day before (different house, same town). Gonna miss seeing you at jams man. Keep in touch.

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Can you send me all the information and Links like Facebook and etc to my email ??
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