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Hey guys, I'm looking to join the Tampa Bay community, Clearwater, Clearwater beach, Oldsmar, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, and maybe Tampa. I'm not sure how you guys get past me everytime, but I miss the memos or something haha! You guys need to hit me up. My e-mail address is Looking to learn something and better myself in the art of Movement. We can go to Clearwater beach or something weekends. Seriously in need of a community to train with, I'm getting disappointed in the TB area's lack of connection. Someone make a website lol. I've been training by myself for about 6 months now, and I'm feeling like I hit a wall, a standstill with training, and I need some help. Anyways,mail me or something.Male, 22, Caucasian, wants to get serious about training.


Michael Perrigo
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