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Jesse Wharton:
Hey guys I made a chat just for us so instead of having conversations on the forums we can just chat there and save the forums for useful or really funny stuff. Just go to and start talking either go on anonomously type you name or handle or make an account which takes < a minute

Gregg HIPK:
If you use a name, try to use either real name, or something close to your APK name. Makes it SOOOO much easier to figure out who's who [You can also log in with a temporary name]

Andy Keller:

Jacob Chess:
This is good! Thank you a bunch.

Jesse Wharton:
YAY I got a sticky  ;D anyway I just saw a lot of the old traceurs getting pissed and all the actual conversations going on on the forums so i remembered this one chat utility on all the anime sites i go to so i made a chat as an example. I didn't think it would be this popular.


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