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Saturdays on Guam
« on: May 21, 2010, 04:37:24 AM »
If you happen to be on Guam on any given Saturday, a group will be practicing down at the Latte Stone Park Area in Agana. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Bring your friends if you want!

Latte Stone Park
12:30 pm
Bring your own water, food, etc.
Most importantly, bring yo' self!!!  :)

Occasionally we would set up training sessions in different parts of the island, preferably parts that were of least distance to people going in order to avoid too much driving. If you happen to see this before Tuesday 5/25/2010, then feel free to drop by Tumon at 8:30pm for a good old session. Again, bring them friends  :)

Tuesday 5/25
Tumon, Burger King (parking lot)
8:30 pm
Bring water, food, etc.

so yeah.. thats guam for you :)
.. so whats the deal?