Author Topic: Providence, RI - 10/7/06- 1 PM  (Read 3136 times)

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Providence, RI - 10/7/06- 1 PM
« on: October 03, 2006, 02:26:36 PM »
Meet on the front steps of the statehouse Saturday at 1 pm.  The front steps are like 3 giant flights, and most likely we'll be on the front steps or around it.  Look for traceurs hopping around.  There is parking at the providence place mall across the street.

Bring tons of water and money for food as well.


Helpful Tips For Finding the Statehouse,-95.677068&sspn=31.784549,59.941406&q=1+Providence+place&ie=UTF8&latlng=37062500,-95677068,6088211986801991705

If you can find the mall and make it off the highway, the statehouse should be in plain sight.  It is a large building that looks similar to the capitol building in Washington D.C.