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Anyone in College Station or at A&M

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Boyce Unger:
hey whats up my name is Boyce I live in college station, tx and i was wondering if anyone who lives in college station or goes to Texas A&M University is a traceur. i was thinking about starting a parkour club in town so if anyone is out there hit me up.

What Up Boyce my Name is Hugo, i lack the techniques but i am a pretty agile guy, I've been wanting to start free running for some time but like i said just need someone with experience to help out. I would like to join the club tho.

Hey guys, im actually in waco for the summer, but ill be back in cstat at the end of august. id for sure be interested in freerunning more than parkour, cuz i like to do flips, but id also hit up a parkour group if yall get something goin in the fall. thanks, cya around.

There is apparently an A&M Parkour club.  I have not met any of the members but I just found it with google.  I live there during the semesters and would be willing to train if y'all want

Boyce Unger:
hey guys sorry i havent been on in awhile do any of yall know if you actually have to attend the university to be in the club cause i am still a sophomore in high school


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