Author Topic: Sit-Up Technique  (Read 6968 times)

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Sit-Up Technique
« on: February 10, 2010, 07:35:57 PM »
I used to be the type to do sit ups, body flat down, to straight up, in a continual pattern, like most.
However I recently heard some add about something you lay on, then do sit ups. Well guess what, some modern home conveniences kick into place here!

When doing sit ups, place something under your lower back. For comfort, something soft, such as a pillow would do the trick. But for a better outcome, something sturdy and hard would be great.

When I used to do sit ups, I didn't notice much. That's because, obviously it takes time. However, I have been getting quick results with this technique. Not sure why or how it helps, but it does.

So the next time you do sit ups, place something under your lower back. Remember, when doing so your rear tends to leave the ground, make sure it doesn't. And make sure your back bends to the ground, not just a bit over the object.

Preferred Object:
Pillow (Comfort)
SkateBoard (Best results, and remember it doesn't have to be a skateboard, anything hard. Also remember to add padding to the ends, if necessary)