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Ok, so if anyone in the club is looking for someone to train and they are not one of the people who are able to post on the blogspot then they should post here. I'm hoping that people in the club will start using this forum regularly so this should work out well.

FRAP usually meets three times a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm and Saturdays at 1pm. The location varies due to weather conditions and where we want to train that day. RIght now your best bet to find out where we are training is to check

Our next training session will be on Sunday February 7th at 1pm. We are going to meet in the big room in Taylor Hall and then possibly move out from there. I'm not sure if the Nat is open on Sundays otherwise we would meet there. Call me if you need more info!

Nicole- 502-609-3813

Patrick "PyroPat" Caric:
Hey guys I was going to train tomorrow if anyone would like to join me. Thursday 3/25 12:30 @ the Natatorium (i heard it's going to rain).  Hit me up if your interested in training. 317-796-8558


Patrick "PyroPat" Caric:
Training 4/10
Reminder, Training tomorrow downtown. Meet at the mammoths at 1pm. Call if you need directions or something.


Patrick "PyroPat" Caric:
Training--April 13th

Today is suppose to be really nice. Anyone interested in training should either meet in the basement of the student center around 12-12:30 in the game room or give me a call. I'm not sure where yet, we'll figure that out when we get there.


Midwest Planning Jam 5-8-10

This Saturday is the planning jam for Midwest in July so if your able to come out and train do so!

We will be meeting up at 10:30am at the White River lawn downtown by the canal. From there we will do quite a but of running around so make sure to dress appropriately and plan to be out most of the day. From there we will probably head down the canal and eventually downtown.

If you need directions call:
Nicole- 502-609-3813


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