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Hello! My name is Nicole and I am a member of IUPUI's Freerunning and Parkour Club. I have been practicing for about a year now and love learning, training, and growing as an individual. This thread is one where people can introduce themselves and get to know other members of our club. For more information about meet ups and jams check out

Hi, I'm Liana, I've been training parkour for about 3-4 months, currently working on strength/endurance/power goals and conditioning. I'm also recently learning a lot about getting over mental blocks and learning what it feels like to just do the movements, thanks to the advice of my friends in the club. :)

This spring/summer I'd really like to get out and do some forest training if anyone else feels up to it. Really excited about the jam this summer too.

Here's my Training Log:,24085.0.html

Awesome idea posting your training log on here. I should post mine as well.,24103.0.html

I think that's right, lol.

Anyways, everyone in the club should try to post their training logs on here so we can all motivate each other to be great by the time Midwest rolls around ;)

Oh, and outdoors training is awesome, I agree! We should plan a barefoot trail run sometime!

My name is Joesh. I was introduced to parkour in August 09 by a call-out meeting at IUPUI. I like to do parkour because it fun, keeps me in shape, and helps me master all the elements! Now I just need to learn to fly. I am pretty good at all the basic moves like the various vaults. I live on campus so I can train here quite often just let me know when and where.

I am so excited about the Midwest Jam!!!!


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