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Hello, my name's Ryan.  I'm a high school senior who is just starting out practicing Parkour. Virginia Tech is one of the Colleges on my short list, and it has many of the things I am looking for in a college, and I was wondering about what you guys are studying and what I should look for when I visit campus. Also when you train and get together, maybe I could meet some of you when I visit sometime in January. 


Chris Wachtman:
Hello Ryan!

Its nice to hear from you. You should totally come to VT and do parkour with us. I'm a computer science major and we've got a couple others. There are also a bunch of engineers, along with an english, marketing, environmental science, ect

When you visit you should check out the dinning halls for sure, and see a dorm room and a couple classrooms. Also, try to see the inside of the torgerson bridge and maybe the math emporium. And while you walk around keep your parkour vision on!

If you come after January 19th, then everyone should be in town ready to show you what we do at VTPK.

Looking forward to training with you!

Ha great! I'm interested in Aeronautical Engineering, so it would also be good to talk to them too. I'll let you guys know when more details are worked out.


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