Author Topic: Nicholas J. Nelmsoverholtzer's Training Log  (Read 897 times)

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Nicholas J. Nelmsoverholtzer's Training Log
« on: February 02, 2010, 11:42:44 PM »
Rest after each collapse. < once a week tho. any other day just rest whenever.

VVV(may not consist of entire workout)
1 Negative Weighted Handstand pushup per hour for 15 hours-from 7am to 9pm. 25lbs. If no weight is available, one HSPU, superslow.
Pressurized Breathing.
Iron Palm Conditioning.
Iron Shirt Conditioning.
Iron Thread Conditioning.
Any meditations that need to be done for the day.
Leaf Catching. (only in fall and early winter)
Curb Cartwheels.
Kettlebell military presses, cleans, swings, snatches, halos, get ups.
Kettlebell swiming. (when private pool is available)
A whole bunch of PK rolls.
Work on Kicking Technique.
A whole bunch of attempted handstands.
Work on weaving flow.
On-Off 3/4 mile sprints.
Uphill Cartwheels and Roundoffs.
Uphill Bridge walking.
Bridge Pushups.
Uphill Sprints.
Quadrupedal Sprints.
Backwards sprints. (often accompanied with backwards falls)
Downhill Divebomb Pushups.
Downhill Jacknife Pushups.
Downhill uneven Pushups.
Downhill whatever kind of pushups I can think of.
The Backwards Mile.