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Fort Lauderdale Visit
« on: July 26, 2009, 07:11:25 AM »
Hey guys I'm going to be in Weston, FL from Aug 11th until the 22nd, I definitely want to check out some local spots that are good to train. If anyone can give me some exact locations or addresses so I can pin point them ahead of time that would be great, figure out how close the locations are. The only place I'm familiar with from what it seems in this thread is las Olas, but if you can even give some cross streets it would help out a lot since I won't be there for long and it would be cool to not have to scout for spots. If anyone would like to meet up, hopefully we can work that out, I won't know exactly when I'll be able to until I'm there most likely. Thanks guys, hope you can help and maybe we'll be training soon.

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