Author Topic: WAhat does freerunning mean?  (Read 67 times)

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WAhat does freerunning mean?
« on: September 12, 2019, 02:25:19 PM »
Self defense instructors often complain that Hollywood screwed up people about how dangerous street violence from showing muscular get knocked out in one hit to portraying weapon disarms as easy as 123.

So I have to wonder if movies give people the wrong impression about not just how difficult obstacle course movements is but even how difficult something as simple as jumping over a bench is?Distance between cities

I'm not exactly in shape to do parkour but I am athletic to run miles. When I was trying to clean my dad's car I tried to climb to the top from the front and ended up calling down aftering climbing to scrub the window and bruised my knees.

I thought it'd be a piece of cake because action movies always show climbing over the trunks of front of cars in a chase scene but I was surprised how difficult it was.

They always show Bruce Willis jumping over knee level objects like he's a steeplehurdler or Kate Beckinsale landing on the ground from a window with ease and effort. But in addition to the car washing incident, my cousin tried to use ladders to pick up a baseball. Despite it being supposedly secure (me holding the ladder, the ladder on a stable wall of a building, etc), he took at least 7 minutes climbing up and down. He had difficulty doing something basic as making the next step and grabbing the next section and he told me it felt like he strained his arms from lifting weights.

Mind you this is just climbing a ladder. And don't get me started how Assassin's Creed or other video games showed hurling yourself over objects like its easy as riding a bike or how anime shows somersaults and other feats like nothing more than stretching warmups.
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