Author Topic: WoW Classic may already be suffering from server overpopulation  (Read 239 times)

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One of the domains of World of Warcraft Classic has been filled with so many players that Blizzard anticipates a queue of 10,000 players or more on the first day when Ur-MMO is launched later this month.

The Herod realm, a PvP server based in the Eastern American time zone, is completely full of ordering character names, which opened last week. As GamesRadar reported, World of Warcraft community manager Randy "Kaivax" Jordan wrote in a recent forum post that while the kingdom could accommodate more characters in 2019 than in 2006, Herod would still be overpopulated if everyone had ordered a character name on the server is finally left there.

In a recent blog post by Randy Jordan, community manager for WoW, said that based only on the name of the reservation, "the Herod region is looking for too much population, if all the players on this server remain, the queue is more 10,000 players is certain, and probably much higher than that. " Still troubled by lack of WOW Classic Gold, come and buy cheap WOW Gold Classic from, the cheapest online in-game currency store.

WoW servers can take "several times more players" than they could back in 2006, but that still leaves Herod with too many people. Blizzard said it could increase the server cover further, but that would only create problems in the future.

"Lifting the royal hat will only prevent problems, leaving more players at launch but creating an unsustainable situation on the line," he said. The problem will arise when turning off layering, a new technology that allows empires to make several examples of themselves to manage large populations. This will turn off layering before the second phase of the six planned phases for WoW Classic, he said in a blog post.