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Replica BRM V6-44-MK watch Price

We are proud to announce the grand opening of Starhill, Asia's first and only independent flagship store offering a full range of brm watches replica timerecorders.

The grand opening was hosted by BRM founder Bernard Richards, who flew in from Paris.We were also pleased to see that the presence of some of the region's top racers, such as Alex Yoong, Shaun Thong and Ashraf Dewal, as well as the presence of officials from the local supercar club, further enhanced the occasion. Champagne was served all night, as if all the guests were winners on the podium.We are proud to promote wrist racing, which is consistent with our slogan "pure racing spirit". We focus on using top racing materials intertwined with our experience to create unique timepieces for each.Finally, Mr. Vincent Chin, CEO of BRM Malaysia, announced to use all his energy to push BRM to a higher level. Our mission is to be a brand that every car and bicycle enthusiast will be proud to associate with.We always provide the best products, services and environment for every BRM member and customer.In a small studio near Paris, Bernard Richards and his team assembled some of the most complex looking clocks in the industry. BRM watches are new to the watch world. The first timepieces were released only in 2003, but their must-see design and unique French manufacturing have proven to be on par with many other big brands replica watch sale.

Some of their latest releases include the B.R. art car watch collection and the B.R.M V6 series that truly embody the brand's relationship with racing, a sport they truly love and continue to support.Every golfer needs a watch that won't let them down on the golf course, and now an exclusive new series promises exactly...As golfers, we like to think of ourselves as classy people. After all, we play the greatest game men and women know, and we pride ourselves on sportsmanship and fair play. So when it comes to what watches a golfer should wear, there are some very simple prerequisites. It must exude skill and taste, it must not be an obstacle to our bodies, but it can help us play the game we love if possible. This is quite a tall order.
For golfers, a shiny rolex doesn't do that. It must be a clock with all of the above, in other words, it must be a timekeeper from France, BRM...

The man behind the watch. The French watch company BRM was founded by Bernard Richards. Richards was born into a clock family in 1958. Not surprisingly, with a passion for traditional watchmaking, he studied horology and micromechanics in Paris in 1974. Eight years later, Richards founded a company that makes components for the luxury goods industry. Then in 2003, he introduced BRM(made by Bernard Richards). The company expanded rapidly, and in 2005, the replica mens watches factory moved to its headquarters in.

Mr. Bernard is a motorcycle collector and racing enthusiast, as well as a golf enthusiast, whose passion for timepieces is complemented by the special USES of watches, which are easy to see in his work. Whether on a track, in the air or on a golf course, the watch must work in its environment.

The appeal of the ascetic. For Richards, luxury is about focusing on the details of technology and abstinence at every stage of the creative process. There are no stamping parts with built-in lugs, but each part is processed separately. In this way, different combinations of colors and materials are possible. Using traditional techniques and high precision technology, each BRM model is done by hand, the result of hours of hard work. Each element is processed individually, combining different materials with valuable composites such as rose gold, titanium or carbon. These boxes are made of 18 parts, made of titanium strips. There are no fewer than 12 parts in the strap, and for the dial, each one needs 20 transfers. They are like the best pedals of an Italian carmaker; Punch and lightweight.

brm watches for sale master golfer.