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It is April MaDnEsS at HIpk

 We will be holding several Parkour Awareness Parties in order to bring more awareness to the general public in Hawaii.  The mission of this events is to educate the audience about Parkour and Freerunning as physical disciplines of motion as well as communicating the proper ways to get started and benefits of training. We also hope that brings more recognition within the island as a legit activity accepted by everyone in our state.

 The events will take place in several public parks with the participation of the HIpk members, the HIpk Team and Urban Current Clan. We will all be set for a whole day of fun while having the opportunity to introduce and share parkour and freerunning to as many people as possible.

 Here is the itinerary and event outline.

April Sat 4th - 10am
 Kapiolani Park -  Near the workout are - beach side
April Sun 12th - 10am
 Waikiki - Grass Area - Close to the water fountain.

April Sat 18th - 10am
 Ala Moana Beach Park.

April Sun 26th - 10am
 Kailua Beach Park

Event Outline

10am to 11am

Set up
Plan overview

11am to 12pm
Warm up/Conditioning


12pm to 2pm
Play Time/Drills

Follow the leader
Pray and predator
Add ons
Work on technique
Welcome people in

2 to 4pm
Free Workshop.
Demo time

Use toys to set a route or flow.
Prepare demo.
Welcome people in

Workshop for anyone interested.

Safety Vault
Two Handed Vault
Lazy and thief Vault.

Everyone participates. We all invite people in, encourage lookers to try as we continue to play.
This is the time where our main focus is on the audience.

4 to 5pm
Cool down/good byes.
LEAVE NO TRACE (30mins park clean up

Stretch/cool down
Event discussion (suggestions to keep in mind for next event)
Pick up and good byes.

 We will try to collect peoples email so that we can set up a mailing list for future events. Maybe an open note book for comments.

For that day we should have;

A cooler with water. I can bring some, if others bring more we will guaranty to all have water.
Snacks to share. Focusing on light ready quick type (Bananas, energy bars, grapes etc)
Small Table.
Music Box...

We will be setting ourselves with.

 1 wooden vaulting box box 43" "The Tank" a little high for beginner but great to increase challenge and to learn on.
 3 pairs of pipe precision trainers. Plan on working on 3 set made from 2x4 for different difficult level.
 1 5x6 mat.
 1 mini trampoline about 2ft in diameter.
We also have access to

 3 pairs of wooden boxes
 -  1 pair is 8" tall, about 1ft in diameter.
 -  1 pair of 12" tall, about 1ft in diameter .
 -  1 pair of 16" tall, about 1ft in diameter.

 1 trapezoid shaped soft vaulting box. Great for beginners. Perfect for very young kids and more mature adult. It consist in the pieces, quite soft, that can be use for other drills.
 1 pair of 4x8" with bases for balance and precisions.
 1 pair of 2x5 mats.

 We will try to set a table with info flyers (PK history, training benefit [physical and mental], website. Performance, training consulting etc) If we find a way to hook up a TV playing PK videos on the table that will also be going on.  I will be bringing some of the HIpk shirts I got left as well.

What we need.

Participation from the community.

- We are all going to be responsible to represent parkour positively and properly.
- Weather youre just participating as a training traceur or taking part in welcoming people in, remember to stay polite and keep it safe.
- Let's all exhibit a friendly and welcoming environment like we always do, the support, the camaraderie between all of us, the equality regardless of skill level. We have enough stuff to set different areas where we can all play. If you have our HIpk shirt this is the day you really wanna wear it, if you dont have it.. well, I am not going to make cheap ad out of this, but yeah, you might wanna buy a shirt now   ::)
- We will need everyone support on promoting this not as an event but as a expression of movement that will take place. We can use myspace, facebook or whatever else you think might help.


- As of now we only know of one person who has a truck to help bring the stuff. If that person cant that would mean the whole thing has to be canceled. So we need someone else with a truck to helps us out.
- People to help us set up and clean up.

 This is going to be a great opportunity for all of us. So lets get it going, remember HIpk needs your support.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

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I'll be there Ozz-man