Author Topic: Recover Mail and other AOL Data from Saved on My PC backup ?  (Read 629 times)

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The users can easily recover emails and other AOL Data from ?Saved on My PC? backup, using some simple steps. The process that the users would have to follow is as given below:
?   The users have to access their AOL account.
?   The users then have to open the ?C? drive and access the ?Application Data? folder.
?   Further, access the AOL folder and open the Organize section.
?   Then search for the file with the name ?.adi.?
?   Now create a new folder and give it a relevant name.
?   You would then have to open the folder which has the backup files.
?   Then copy the files using the Ctrl+C option and then switch to the AOL window.
?   Now open the C-America Online 9.0? folder and in the convenient location, paste the folder.
The users can also connect with AOL Contact Number where they would then get professional assistance on how to recover the data.
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