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Re: unfortunate news...
« Reply #60 on: October 24, 2008, 08:44:16 PM »
My name is Haris. I’m am a member of Team Kinesis and I feel like I have to point out a few thinks about eons’ dumb “prank”.

As truls pointed out, there have been other parkour related deaths. Even though I don’t speak Swedish I believe that the article is talking about a 15 year old kid. I’d like to add this (a popular video to those who look into parkour)…

check 08:03-08:23 !!!

“some years ago 2 men died, they fell cause they climbed without safety… the last death in parkour happened in last years august in England. 14tr old Alex L. fell off the roof of his school when looking at a jump and died from injuries.
I’m sure there are many other examples that of kids getting severely injured while attempting to jump rooftops or climbing buildings. If you take a walk around youtube you will see lots of near fatal accidents, such as this one  (the dude was lucky that didn’t die).

This is due to the stupid belief that parkour is a rooftop jumping activity and you definitely have to make a video after 3 months of training with a rooftop jump inside. Most of the people in the parkour community have attempted rooftop jumping… and I’m not talking about the pros with many years of experience behind them but about the amateurs that jump simply because they saw it on youtbe.
 Especially in Greece there are very few people who have been training for more that 1 or 2 years and know that stunts like that can prove to be fatal (eon is one of them). Most of the kids (this is 14-15-16 year old children we are talking about) make parkour videos and jump rooftops or want to jump rooftops simply for the sake of youtube.

I’m talking about all those low quality 3 minute videos with kids who can’t even do a lazy vault properly but still will attempt to jump a roof (because it’s cool and nobody that they know of has really died or anything). They endanger their lives for nothing. Despite the fact that more experienced traceurs warn them all the time to avoid stupid shit like that (like eon does all the time), they simply keep on doing it. Eon decided to make an example of himself, since most people have never even bothered to look into older parkour footage and find out that people have actually died from dumb shit like rooftop jumping (like the 14 year old Alex L).

 He wanted to show that no matter how strong or experienced you are you can get hurt and die if you’re immature enough to put your life in danger. Simply saying DON’T DO IT is not enough. He knew that when the truth came out everybody would hate him for giving them such a scare. But that was his purpose to “SCARE PEOPLE AWAY FROM ROOFS”.

I also want to add that Eon acted on his own free will. The other members of Team Kinesis did not take part or support this situation. He just came one day at practice and announced the video and all to everyone. We were against it from the start. He sure is stupid as hell (together with his accomplice noxteryn) but at least his intentions were not to gain fame or get in the spotlight or any of this stupid shit that people have been ranting about. Thank you for reading through the entire post…..

While viewing this mockery I read comments (many of which came from this forum)such as:
1.   This is a terrible reminder that going on rooftops involves extreme risk, and that safe, pratical parkour training is what everyone should be doing.
2.   shit man, seein things like this is gunna make me think alot more about some of the things that i do.
3.   Oh god ;____; R.I.P Eon! parkour isn't all 'bout roofjumping! why take that risk? ;____;

4.   Eon dies to remember us we are mortals, even with the maximun skill
5.   yet at the same time I agree that this is a good lesson about training safely (not to mention training with other people) considering how good he was
6.   this really opened my eyes to the importance of training in a safe environment
7.   I agree about training safely  this is why if you have friends to practice with you should train with them....I mean if nothing else you could have someone to spot you if something is to dangerous, definatly safe training....
8.   Just remember that there's nothing you can do in the air that can't be reproduced on the ground.
9.   But yeah this is a sad day but also a reminder on how important safety is. I bet though he was prepared he just must have lost his focuse for a second and it cost him.
10.   he was simply practicing parkour when he had a fatal accident
11.   Even if it is a prank, it's still a great reminder to take great precautions in your training, and plausible evidance that things like this do happen. It's an extremely unfortunate event, but the first parkour related death will eventually happen. (correction HAS HAPPENED..14 year old Alex L and other I bet not remembered examples)
12.   I am saddened to hear that someone died doing something i love, and i am also sad to hear the talk of this being a prank et cetera. either way i think this is a good opportunity to look at our practices. I don't want anyone to gt the wrong idea, so please understand what i am about to say next is simply concern.
I have seen a lot of tracures on rooftops and a lot of them taking jumps and things that exist else where without the risk of falling 20 plus feet. If you purposely put yourself higher than 20 feet you are putting yourself at risk, it only takes a 15 foot fall to rupture internal organs. What i am saying is to be safe and don't start taking risks because they are risks. If the time comes and you need to be on a roof, in a real situation, you can be and you can use your skills practiced on the ground at that time. But to undertake the risk of being up that high simply because it is up that high is dangerous and careless. This is a message to all tracures, even the expeirenced ones, when you put yourself on a rooftop you put yourself at risk for no reason, those obstacles are there at ground level if you are willing to look.

I hope you are all well, train safe and responsibly and never have to see a 14 year old child die like that, ever again. thank you and i am sorry for my friends' bad choice of spreading a message (Ι'm also sorry for my bad english)
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Re: unfortunate news...
« Reply #61 on: October 24, 2008, 08:48:18 PM »
Thank you for this post, Haris.
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Re: unfortunate news...
« Reply #62 on: October 24, 2008, 11:05:07 PM »
I am glad he had good intentions with this, and i feel really bad for my ignorance in saying stuff like how this was " a dumb prank ". Before this I was fully aware of rooftop dangers, I just hope many others learn too.

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Re: unfortunate news...
« Reply #63 on: October 25, 2008, 04:44:51 AM »
Haris, this is not an excuse for him or your team.

First off, Alex Leatherborrow was LOOKING OVER THE SIDE of a building when he fell . not a practitioner.

Second, YOUR TEAM did support the hoax, it was on your team page and your forums, so you can't possibly say "we didn't know about it".

Third, saying "look at all these god quotes" is like saying that all the solidarity and bonding of the Jews is a great reason to have a haulocaust - it's just plain bullshit.

I have actually started a fund to plant trees in Greece ... people have emailed me with donations - many people have gone through an emotional time, needlessly. This really is inexcusable.

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