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Need advise on organizing the offiial club in FAU


Hello everyone!
My name is Vass. I need some advise about creating club at Florida Atlantic University. I need it to be official because of problems with administration on campus. Associate of dean tying to stop us from parkouring lately. He said the only way he will allow us doing it, only if we will do the official club. I had quite a talk with him about it. Also i mentioned that there are some Universities that accepted the official club on campuses. I would love to borrow you model of parkour club structure with all the legal documents i need. Such as waivers and constitution. Campus police are fine with us "jumping"around but this guy is just pain in the ***. Nobody bothered us before until this guy got appointed to this job.
Any suggestions? Or maybe u have some paper work u would like to share with me? Even nice info about what is parkour is would be appreciated. Don't get me wrong i do my homework as well, but i might miss something.
I already talk to people in Miami Pk and Colorado Pk they suggested to come to this forum and ask you guys because u have official club.

Marshall Cent Lewis:
I'm not sure if you've checked out this thread yet or not, but this is definitely a good example of what to expect when starting something on campus.,2948.0.html

On the topic of actually talking to the VTPK people, I would think your best bet would be to PM or E-mail Leon.  You can find him by clicking on the "members" tab at the top and searching LeoNn.  I'm sure he would be more than willing to help you out.

Paul Leon Mederos:
We're a bad example - the university could care less about what we do. We have no waivers or constitution  :P We just filled out a form and they gave us 'officiality' - web hosting, opportunity for funding, and a place on their official university club list. I personally made a waiver thats between the admittant and the rest of the club, stating that they are responsible for any hamr they cause on themselves, so that they know we are serious - but I also let them know that we've had no major injuries so far  :D

Check out the thread Cent posted, its filled with useful stuff!

Brad Short:
Im a freshman at FAU and ive been involved in parkour for some time!
Id love to know if there is a club and if its still active, and some information about getting involved


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