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gatlinburg TN training
« on: January 04, 2010, 05:37:13 AM »
Me n my buddies went up to tennessee for new years. ive been telling em abt parkour n tht i wuz getting into it sum so we decided to go out and have sum fun. :) we did some precision work, sum wall runs, a couple of rails, my favorite wuz trying to find good tic-tac spots n high drops! :P my buddies are good at it too so we all gonna start doin it at home. i did mess up once. no bad injuries, i tried to jump up on a fountian but it wuz cold n i landed on ice. i decided i liked my face too much so i leaned bk n fell in the water. lol. i took it all in stride got back up had a good laugh n kept running. all in all it wuz a fun learning experience for us. our legs hurt like hell the day after though! lol
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