Author Topic: Ah, so the tables have turned. Now it is I who seeks a training partner.  (Read 1836 times)

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Background: I did parkour non-seriously for awhile, and it's finally bitten me. My level of fitness is starting to become "above average", and I'm moving away from the bare basics. Admittedly, I have some holes in my knowledge. My athletic background consists mainly of martial arts, more martial arts, and parkour.

Basically, it's time for me to pick a regular schedule, draw up a gauntlet, and find a partner to train with.

It helps keep one motivated.

A few things to keep in mind: First, I'm there to train. Talking before or afterward is fine, but during, it should be limited to training talk. I'd prefer someone as dedicated as I am. Bear in mind that I'm a novice. Thusly, novices aren't going to have much to learn from me. I also tend to train to failure, which is more of a fault than a plus.

I'm at USF, and that's where I like to train. Anyone up for it?

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Usually we all train at USF. Me, Danny, Tom, and Nick. But Tom is hurt right now and I guess Danny hasn't been at USF much lately (though I really don't know). But he still trains alot at home and so do I. So if you ever wanna train give me a call at 892-2057. I'm up for it whenever and we can have a serious training session with no sitting around and talking but actual training. Really glad to see you're dedicating yourself more to Parkour.
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